male 7 years

Durbanville, West Western. 

Adorable boy who seeks forever home. 

I joined the family in 2018 when I was 8 weeks old. I am Yuki, I came with Luna, sometimes I can be quite grumpy because I love to sleep and don’t like being interrupted when doing so. I love to sit outside basking in the sun and with the wind is blowing in my face, I am very calm at that point. When I am awake I love running around and protecting the house from any troubles. I love having a good bond with the person before fully trusting them. I regularly get groomed and absolutely love the feeling afterwards because I get treats, feel refreshed and love running in the wind afterwards. Eating is another one of my favourite hobbies and I could probably eat anything. I can listen well to commands but sometimes struggle to process them. My fur is quite soft and doesn’t grow very fast or very thick. Due to the fact that I've got heart problems my family made the hard decision not to take me with when they immigrate. We all feel doggie heaven can wait. 🐾 

♥️ health is good.. Vet card provided 📇

Microchipped 📍

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