Petit, Crystal, Malika, Mickey 



Left to Right Malika, Mickey, Petit & Crystal

2 Males 2 Females

Please help us find a new home for each of these four precious Maltese Souls. (Mpumalanga)

Petit and Mickey are the boys of the family aged 9 years and 6 years. While Malika and Crystal are the girls aged 8 years and 6 years.

Petit is a gentleman. With a very loving and easygoing nature. He would be happy laying on someone's lap all day. 

Crystal is quite a personality and likes to talk to you, she chases geckos and is a barker. She also likes men. 

Malika is very affectionate with people once she knows you but can have a nervous energy about her always being 'on the go'. 

Micky is a little teddy bear very loving and sweet and usually the first to say hello to people. 

Even though they have lived as a family, with individual attention and love they would cope with being separated. Coming from a rather rural area, they have lived a fairly quiet life and have not mixed with other dogs or cats or children. It would be recommended that they be tested first if they were to be mixed with other dogs.

Petit is a neutered male in good health. Crystal is not spayed and has a few missing teeth otherwise healthy. Malika is not spayed in good health and Micky is neutered in good health.

Please apply here.

Adoptions: 068 081 5668

Left to right: Petite, Micky, Malika & Crystal

Left to right: Crystal, Petite, Malika & Micky

Full Coat, Petite

Full Coats, Petit & Crystal