Male 13 years old

Digit is a small senior Maltese with a fierce loyalty to family members and will bark at strangers, when the monkeys visit, at an unfamiliar car or for similar reasons. His favourite pastime is napping on his Daddy's pillow or watching rugby with him.

He can move very fast when someone is in the kitchen to see if he has a chance of a treat (Hearing is very acute).

Loves tummy rubs, ear massages and snuggles. His personality is very endearing and he will have a conversation with you via little moans and barks, it is the sweetest interaction!

Digit will also tell you when you are on his seat on the couch. His doggy bed is comfortable but only a mere once a while option as he can jump very well to rest in bed or for movie time. 

He is a proud little boy and likes to be groomed, but does sulk when he has a summer cut. In winter he can be a 'Houdini' and get out of his jersey but will keep it on when he is cold. 

He likes children who are gentle with him and good with other dogs, as long as they are a smaller breed. Very tolerant of cats, bunny rabbits and hamsters. In short, he has a whole lot of love and quirks to give in return for love, treats and hugs. An ideal companion for a family that can spoil him or a person who needs a faithful friend. 

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