Find your Maltese a home

We provide a home to home service for all Maltese breeds in South Africa so that they do not have to spend a day in a shelter or kennel.

We will help you find your Maltese the perfect forever home.

Surrender a Maltese

If you are here it means that you may have to part with your Maltese dog. It is understandable that this is not an easy thing to do. However, the choice you make in the end should be not only for you but has to be what is best for your dog.

There are situations when surrendering your pet is best

for both the dog and the family.

Could I be in that situation? Does my dog need a new home?

Of course, only you can make this decision. In almost all cases, the owner may want to make every arrangement for their Maltese, out of loyalty to them. However, giving over the responsibility to experienced rescue workers would in no way be letting your animal companion down, rather think of it as finding the best help you can find.

It's important to know what will happen once you surrender your Maltese to a shelter or rescue and also to be aware that there are alternatives. Some facilities don't allow walk-in surrenders and almost all charge a fee. This varies by location, so it's important to call ahead to learn the procedures of the animal welfare organizations where you live.

Contact the Maltese Rescue

Maltese Rescue provides free assistance for all Maltese and cross-Maltese breeds needing to be re-homed in South Africa. They make use of foster homes and provide adoption to approved individuals who have the resources and want to give a home to a dog in need.

Our aim is to keep Maltese out of any situation where they would have to be in a kennel cage or away from human contact. Maltese who go from one home to another have a much less chance of becoming traumatized and will transition much better in their new home.

Don't hold off the surrender too long.

You could notify trusted friends, relatives, neighbours, and co-workers that you need to find a new home for your Maltese. This type of networking may have very positive results, but ultimately you should let us know as soon as possible. This will allow all matters related to adoption etc. to be commutable and organized.

Completing a 'Find your Maltese a home' form.

Our 'surrender' or 'Find your Maltese a home' form is intended to gather the all needed information. No one knows your Maltese better than you do. As his or her owner, you know what they like, dislike, interests, and temperament better than anyone else.

There may of course be certain traits about your dog that you may be reluctant to share, however, we request Please share this with us as honestly and detailed as possible.

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