Male 1 years old

This is Murphy, an adorable 19-month old Maltese. 

He knows commands come, sit, wait, down, and stay. He walks well on a harness and leads. 

Social with good manners after getting to know other dogs. Hesitant with new people at first but warms up to them in no time. Not recommended for a home with cats. Murphy is used to going to groomers and was not always keen on being brushed. But a quick daily brush is more than manageable. 

He doesn't bark a lot for a Maltese. He is very alert and will let off the occasional bark, but he is not a typical, compulsive barker. Not even a daily barker. When he is not on your lap or snuggled up or finding ways to be near or touch you he loves to sit and look out of the windows and watch the goings-on outside. 

He is comfortable being left alone if you go out for lunch or shopping, he knows you will be back and is happy to greet you when you come home. 

He is up to date with all his vaccinations with his last ones being done at the end of September 2021. In perfect health, and has never had any health problems so long as we've had him.

For a Maltese... Murphy is not a fussy eater and is currently on a healthy, grain-free diet.

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