Maltese still needing to be homed.....

How can I help a Maltese?

All Good dogs deserve Good homes!

There is no shortage of Maltese looking for homes, and there is no shortage of homes to adopt them.

The missing parts of the equation are the foster homes and adoption. Can you help us?

Join our community of like minded Maltese lovers, experience the joys of being a foster parent, find a Maltese up for adoption or find a new home for your best friend.

Maltese and Cross-Maltese doggies are delicate creatures who are vulnerable to broken bones, infected eyes, heart conditions, severe emotional issues, rotten teeth, emaciation or excessive weight, nervous system disorders, cancer/diseases, internal infections, fur conditions, mobility problems, loss of sight and other difficulties if left in surroundings not fit for them. Most of the above mentioned can be avoided by keeping them in a home-safe environment. Since Maltese are indoor pets they thrive on Love, companionship and the home environment.

Maltese Rescue doesn’t use a sanctuary, shelter or kennels. We operate entirely with foster homes. What benefits have we found by doing this? Small breed dogs who are homed with people do not suffer from post traumatic effects of being in a shelter. Which include restlessness, tension, panic etc.

History has seen our beloved small dog being called by many names, such as the 'Melitae Dog,' 'Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta,' the 'Roman Ladies Dog,' 'the comforter,' the 'spaniel gentle,' the "Bichon,' the 'Lion Dog,' and the 'Maltese Terrier.' Today, they are simply known as the Maltese.

Maltese Rescue is a rescue focusing on this wonderful breed.